The City’s Most Coveted Caviar Service

Why we’re Toronto’s top destination for the luxury delicacy

Posted by Auberge du Pommier
on December 4, 2023
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As North York’s most sought-after seat for French fine dining fare, we’ve spent over three decades serving distinguished guests as they celebrated some of life’s most memorable moments. While we aim to exceed in everything we do, we can’t talk about luxury dining without shining a light on one of the most luxurious offerings we can provide: caviar service.

Here at Auberge du Pommier, our caviar service is first-rate. Whether enjoyed as an addition to your dish of choice (we can make some suggestions), or an opening course in and of itself, each mouthful of the sturgeon’s briny jewels delivers pure indulgence. Before we dive into the details, let us begin with the basics. What is caviar and what makes it such a delicacy? We tapped our team to share what our caviar service entails and why we’re the city’s top destination to enjoy the palette-pleasing pearls.

What is caviar’s origin story and why it has become a symbol of luxury?

Most people think caviar comes from the Russian language, but it is actually from the Persian word for eggs, “khavyar”. 

Known as the black gold of the culinary world, it didn’t always have that reputation. Sturgeon was originally caught and eaten just like any other fish until fishermen discovered that the females carried eggs. Not wanting the by-product to go to waste, they ate it. What started as food for the working class, it became so highly praised that it caught the attention of royalty, enhancing its popularity and therefore consumption. Demand spread globally and eventually, it grew to become the exclusive item we know today.

What options do guests have when it comes to enjoying caviar at Auberge du Pommier? 

We offer two options when it comes to enjoying the specialty item. Firstly, guests have the opportunity to enhance their plate with 5g of Kaviari Kristal. We recommend pairing the delicacy with our scallop, halibut, and salmon dishes. Its rich saltiness is a beautiful complement to Executive Chef Solomon Mason’s impeccable flavours. 

For those looking to up the ante, we offer a second option where diners can choose to enjoy caviar in either 25g or 30g servings. This option is ideal for sharing and is the perfect elegant start to lunch or dinner. 

Once guests have selected from the two types of caviar we offer, their tin is delivered on an elegant silver tray with mother-of-pearl spoons presented in a wooden box. An essential for enjoying caviar, any other metal, unless gold or platinum, will oxidize the product and give an unpleasant metal taste. Accompanying the caviar are a few unique garnishes including bagel chips, crème fraîche, onion and smoked sturgeon. The presentation, garnishes and ceremonious White Glove Service are what make our caviar experience unique from others in the city. 

What are the two types of caviar on offer and how do they differ?

We always believe in having options, therefore we’ve chosen two quality products at different price points. The more expensive of the two is Petrossian caviar, a legendary varietal that is a favourite of caviar lovers. We serve Petrossian’s Osstera caviar, which has a subtle, salty flavour with sweet notes and a long finish. Alternatively, diners may want to try the Kristal caviar from Kaviari at a slightly lower price point. Strong in initial flavour, it levels out on the finish. 

Which caviar is best?

Caviar can be likened to wine. Just as there are many different types of grapes, there are many different species of caviar. The best caviar is simply a matter of personal preference. 

If opting for a tin complete with garnishes, what is the recommended way to eat caviar?

Guests may choose to start by trying the caviar on its own to appreciate the product in its purest form. Then, have some fun. Use the bagel chip as your base and layer on the garnishes as you see fit. Try different combinations, or enjoy them all in one bite. There is no right way to indulge. Our talented team has crafted an assemblage of traditional and not-so-traditional flavours we feel best complement the sturgeon roe, and the process of building your bite helps add to the whimsy.

When it comes to beverage pairings, what do you recommend as the best match for caviar’s unique qualities?

In true Russian fashion, straight vodka (no ice) is a delicious pairing. Vodka-based martinis are best. Allow us to craft you something special.

Sometimes diners eat caviar off the back of their hand. Do you know why this is? 

This tasting method is believed to enhance the flavour and texture of the caviar. The warmth of the hand softens it, releasing its unique flavours and aromas. Historically, the back of the hand was deemed to be cleaner than the palm, making it the better option for sampling.

You mentioned White Glove Service. Can you share a bit more about what this means?

White gloves are considered to be a symbol of cleanliness and high hygiene in hospitality. Under our roof, White Glove Service begins with one person in mind: the individual we’re serving. It means giving special care and attention to guests to exceed their expectations. Beyond the pursuit of simple satisfaction, we aim to not only delight our diners but also make them feel incredibly special. We do this through careful attention to detail. It’s our way of showing how much we care. 

And beyond our ceremonious caviar service, we deliver White Glove Service from the moment a guest arrives at our door to the moment they wave goodbye. From summer evenings on our terrace to winter nights in our cozy, fire-lit dining room, fine dining is our bread and butter. (Don’t get us started on our freshly-baked pain au lait!).

Any final words?

Now that you have some insight into the artistry behind our celebrated caviar service, whether you’re a connoisseur of the inky orbs, or you’re indulging for the first time, we’d love to show you first-hand why Auberge du Pommier does it best. 

Join us for lunch Monday through Friday and for dinner Monday through Saturday to enjoy a taste of Toronto’s best refined French fare. 

Bon Appétit! 

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